duminică, 15 aprilie 2012

"Pregatiri de Pasti" partea I - diorama / Preparations for Easter part I

Mare agitatie in bucatarie! Fiecare are cate ceva de facut: Bunica prepara o friptuta delicoasa, Inara scotoceste prin frigider dupa restul bunatatilor , Chris (Kocoun) le aduce fetelor cadou un iepuras gigant de plus , iar Aeon vopseste ouale. Spor la treba fetelor!

There is a lot of work to do for the Ester preparations! Everyone make something in the kitchen: Granny makes some steak, Inara prepares the rest of the food, Chris (Kocoun) brings a gift for the girls, a big bunny, and Aeon paints the eggs. Great job girls!

2 comentarii:

  1. Hello from Spain: I love the basket with Easter eggs. I like the kitchen and the window wall. The rose is beautiful tablecloth. Congratulations on this gorgeous work. Keep in touch.

  2. Hi Marta, I'm so glad you like my dioramas..I work a lot of the details, food, clothes. The eggs are handmade by my self...:)