duminică, 27 ianuarie 2013

Pregatiri pentru party I / Preparations for party I

Demul nu v-am mai bucurat ochii cu dioramele mele, iar acum, avand la dispozitie cateva papusi vechi am realizat o scurat diorama : Pregatiri pt party.
Ideea e ca ea sa continue .... intr-un serial viitor.

This new diorame Ready for party ? This is the first part of the party series. I used Mod Barbie and Ken, and 2 gorgeous Kayla and Lea. Enjoy!

1. Ken - Iubito mai ai multe pregatiri de facut, vom intarzia la petrecere?
Ken- Honney are you ready, we'll be late to the party!?

2.. Saphyre - Mai am putin, intreaba-le si pe fete!
2.Saphyre- I'm almost ready, ask the girls , and they will tell you about it!

3. Ken - Fetelor o ajutati putin, mie nu mi se pare nici pe departe gata!
3. Ken- Girls, please help her, she's not ready yet in my oppinion!

4. Inara- Stai linistit , o voi machia eu , iar Lea o va ajuta la imbracat. Nici nu o vei recunoaste dupa! ;)
4. Inara- Don't worry my firend, me and lea will help her, she'll be great! You won't recognise her! :)

va urma.....

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  1. Hello from Spain, i like your wallpaper and furniture. Nice pics. Point well taken. Keep in touch

  2. The wallpaper is my real wallpaper from my room :))I like it too.