marți, 31 ianuarie 2012

Corina Monia si dioramele ei

Corina este abia la inceput, asa ca ne poate arata doar primele ei doua dioarme. Eu sper si la altele pe viitor pt ca vad in colectia ei si alte piese interesante de mobilier ;)
Colectia ei o puteti vedea aici:

Those are Corina's dioramas. She has only a few until now but I hope she'll have some other soon.
See her collection here:

2 comentarii:

  1. Hello from spain: i like Corina´s diorama. She has a lot of furniture. In your last post, the role of the wall, filled with miniature furniture i love. It is ideal. I like the realism of the pizza. The clothes i love your dolls. You have many things very nice. Keep in touch

  2. Hi Marta, indeed I have a lot of accesories, thanks! I use paper for presents for the wall in my last post. Thay are many beautiful models.