vineri, 3 februarie 2012

La cofetarie de Valentine's/ To the coffeshop at Valentine's Day

Aceasta diorama contine foarte multe elemente lucrate manual: torturi, prajituri, bomboane, mobilierul a fost pictat si decorat manual.
Sper sa va placa!

This diorama contain many handmade objects: the cakes and the furniture was manually painted and decorated.
I hope you'll like it!

2 comentarii:

  1. Hello from spain: i love ypu diorama of the pastry shop. I like everything from cakes, decorations, chairs, jars, dishes... I like growing your Stardolls and clothing. Congratulations on this great diorama. You had a lot of work but it is really nice. Very goog photos

  2. Thanks a lot. I use to work some time for this, first I had to make the cakes, and after that I made the rest.